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Free Automatic Tracking
Unlimited trips with driving analysis. Live Trip Dashboard.
Customized Reports
Generate reports the way you want. Create reports using fuel cost or tax rate.

Feature Highlights

Free Unlimited Automatic Tracking

Just setup the app once and magically see the trips tracked! No need to turn the app on or off. No extra devices to buy. Option to switch to manual tracking.

Live Trip Dashboard

View your trip stats live as you drive. Keep an eye on your tax deductions or trip costs.

Custom Reports

Generate reports uisng fuel cost or tax rate in PDF or Excel format. Save reports to Dropbox. Add driving analysis to reports to help you improve your driving skills.

Trips View

Every trip is logged and can be viewed in Trips View. Swipe to delete the unknown trips. Options to track automatically, with a button press or add a trip manually!

Calendar View

Quickly check each day's total tax deductions or trip costs and mileage on Calendar View.

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